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Spiritual Awakenings

"Helping to heal the Collective, one soul at a time."

Client receiving reiki and crystal therapy.


My name is Kelley Rosenboom and I am a Certified Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Crystal Master®, Tarot Reader, and Psychic/Medium.I believe my life's purpose is to help the Collective heal, one soul at a time. My goal is to not only help you heal, but for you to participate in your own healing. Together, we can raise the vibration of the Collective and create a more loving and compassionate world.

Caitlin, IA

"I recently did a distance Reiki session with Kelley. I was hesitant at first not being in person but she talked me through everything over the phone. Once our session was done I felt so calm and relaxed. Kelley was great in going over what she was able to uncover during the session. The weeks after I felt so clear and re-energized!"

Sonya, IA

"Thank you for a wonderful experience today! It was emotional, to say the least, but very uplifting!"

Karen, IA

"I always feel a sense of release during a Reiki session and almost exhausted, in a GOOD way. Thank you, Kelley."

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